Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A World Cup without Chipmunks

While the question on most peoples lips may be who will win the world cup, one of the questions on my lips is "Why no chipmunks?". Thats right. Ronaldinho the worlds largest chipmonk has been left out of Brazils squad for the forthcoming world cup.

Arguably one of the best football players in the world along with the one of the most annoying, the Brazilan coach Dunga has chosen that the second quality far out weighs the first. While dental sponsors rush to endorse pretty blonde super stars like Alisa Camplin and Torah Bright, none are jumping on the Ronaldinho band wagon. Is this the possible reason for exclusion? Surely the world cup warrents the best players in the world. Regardless of race, religion, personality, or even species.

I for one am sad to see the likes of Ronaldinho missing out. Regardless of the fact he may have an ego bigger than his footballing talents. The world cup will miss him, his flair, and his teeth and not be quite the same without it.

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